It is well known that the consequences of rock falls in underground mines can be disastrous. Rock falls can cause injuries and fatalities, and can also be responsible for mine production delays. Therefore, much attention is given to the design and installation of adequate rock support systems in underground mines. Rock anchors, such as mechanical rock bolts and resin grouted rebars, are installed in almost all mine access areas such as gate roads, drifts, ramps and shafts. Due to their important role as primary rock support, it is necessary to verify that the rock bolt is functioning adequately and is not subjected to an excessive load. There are many situations in underground mines and tunnels where such a concern may arise especially in development and production areas where the ground response changes constantly due to mining induced stress changes. This new invention 'Instrumented coupler load cell for rock anchors' has been tested and proved for mining applications. It is being commercially marketed as the 'U-Cell' as in 'Universal load cell'. For more information, click here.

*patent pending.